Industries Served
Our professional experts bring together an exclusive background in project development, scheduling control, customisation, and fieldwork implementation. No matter what industry your business is in or your business goals, JCR is always concerned about your company’s needs. We can help you improve employee performance and increase customer retention. For more information, please see our clients.
We have extensive Mystery Shopping expertise in a wide range of industries, including:
Automotive: Car Dealerships & Garages
The applications for mystery shopping in the automotive industry are widely used. JCR is very pleased to have participated in a variety of fields including franchised dealerships, car rental outlets, and fitting garages.
Automotive mystery shopping can have different assessments within various steps of the process - whether the customer is on the phone, at the showroom, or on the dealer’s website. Assessment isn’t solely focused on the sale, but all aspects of sales and service. Customer loyalty and repeat business are significantly impacted by how they’re handled by the service or parts department.
Video is generally the recommended approach in this area. Our non-stop investment in the latest covert technology equipment ensures that we can deliver the highest quality along with the lowest detection rates as a result. On the other hand, this latest equipment also means that test drives become feasible as a practical option without risk of being detected.
By combining profiled mystery shoppers, quality video, recorded telephone calls, web based reporting, and systematic project management, we are confident in providing our clients within the automotive industry with a level of service that leads to a long and beneficial business relationship.
Banking/Finance Mystery Shopping
“This bank is a shambles. People everywhere, not enough staff.”
“The branch was large, empty and devoid of any personality.”
“The staff ignored me twice when I was waiting at the enquiry desk.”
“The level of customer service was excellent.”
“The branch had vibrancy and urgency yet felt super professional, calm and organized.”
“They were all professional in their work – amazing how good it is to see everyone smiling.”
These are the different attitudes towards the banking industry researched within our banking mystery shopping studies. However, there is much more to mystery shopping than a few verbatim quotes. But these demonstrate the point.
Our Banking Mystery Shopping service evaluates performance over a variety of key indicators. Enabling clients to benchmark their branch(es) against competitors as well as see what the shoppers think about the company as a whole. This can contribute to effective staff training and rewards programs.
JCR provides professional mystery shopping services for the hotelier who understands that service and hospitality are the most powerful ways to earn guest-loyalty and referrals. Repeat guests and goodwill are the weapons of choice when battling for share in a challenging marketplace.
Measurement Features
Restaurants: Casual & Fine Dining
Good service and great tasting food make people talk for all the right reasons. But poor service and sub-par food result in an exponentially greater amount of negative feedback.
For the past 10 years, JCR mystery shoppers have paid anonymous visits to our client’s restaurants and provided them with a complete report focusing on service, facilities, and food. JCR provides shopper reports throughout the whole region of China, as well as other Asia Pacific countries. We have served many high profile clients, such as Papa John's and Hilton Hotel franchisees.
JCR recruits mystery shoppers who dine as typical restaurant guests and compile a detailed and actionable report for clients. Our professional Mystery Shopping Online Solution Panel is built for the multi-unit and independent restaurant operator who needs to spot actionable data quickly, with the supporting details only a few clicks away.
Evaluation results and reports are uploaded to a clients own password-protected microsite on their dedicated server. Access for the client’s team is 24/7 and we never charge hosting or user fees.
Under JCR’s highly customized mystery shopping service, you can expect the following benefits:
Proactive and unobtrusive service can be an asset for winning a customer’s business. Helpful and professional sales assistants make it easier for customers to decide what they are looking for. Customers want to shop in an organized and comfortable environment. They want transactions to be dealt with in a quick, accurate, and friendly manner.
From a retailer’s perspective, they want to make sure that merchandising is complete and current, and that sales assistants are suggesting promotional items.
JCR’s retail mystery shopping provides assessments ranging from the point of initial contact, by phone, through to the completed sale, and even the return of a purchase. All critical elements to ensure repeat business are measured.
Petrol Stations
JCR has a wide range of mystery motorist resources throughout China, all with qualified backgrounds and intensive training. We select mystery shoppers from our existing database with the following restrictions:
Mystery shopping in petrol stations mainly focuses on the service performance of all staff in the target station. The observation process starts with driving into the entrance of a station, and ends up with the final payment transaction. Each stage of performance will be evaluated by our mystery shoppers. The score is decided based on the predetermined benchmarks.