JCR is very proud to have long-lasting business partnerships with the following clients:
"I selected JCR mainly because of their proven track record in providing insights in various sectors of Chinese market. Within the Petroleum Industry, they've provided services covering our mystery shopping projects, customer segmentation research (qualitative and quantitative attitudinal) and Brand tracking projects, some of which has been running over a period of more than 4 years. The professionalism and flexibility of the team members at JCR managing the data from quality control to final analysis, and providing web-based access on its status has been most helpful and effective."
Leslie Ng, Marketing Director, Sinopec Shell
"JCR has been a trusted partner in qualitative research since 2008. Our project correspondent, Jeanne, provided me with lots of updates so that I was constantly aware of the status of the project. For our international (American and European) focus groups, JCR used an international moderator who understood the nuances of each market. Lastly, I was very pleased with the professionalism and flexibility of their reporting which was tailored to fit our team's needs."
Helen Yu, User Research Executive, Innovation Design Center, Lenovo Group
"JCR provides us with unique insights into the market and how we define service in our Chinese dealerships. Tina has been managing the Mystery Shopping at twenty three dealerships throughout mainland China and the neighboring regions over the past four years. The bilingual staffs have performed excellently in supplying us with semiannual automotive service quality control. We continue to keep our marketing research with JCR because of their excellent client service, on time results, and expertise in the automotive industry."
Annelen Bach, Market Development Executive, Porsche China
"Since 2006, we have entrusted JCR to prepare quality, on-time monthly mystery shops and data collection. We needed a partner in China that not only understood the local language and culture, but also had a sense of urgency and quality that could properly manage our pricing, delivery, take away, and in store customer service projects. Our solution was to work. With JCR to roll out a recurring twenty-five city Mystery Shopping campaign throughout China to collect and analyze customer service data."
Jonathan Zachreson, Director of Production, National Shopping Service
"We used JCR to establish a need in the Chinese market for oil change centers and if so what would the perfect oil change center and service center be for the Chinese consumer. To perform this task we evaluated overall customer attitude, satisfaction level, and preferences. By analyzing tier one, two, and three cities we were able to assess what areas of potential offerings would have to be modified for this international market such as car wash, car cleaning, accessories, and brand positioning. By combining many variables we were able to perform qualitative market research in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to build a profile of the consumers in each area. We chose to do seven groups in each city a total of twenty eight groups all together. JCR developed profiles of the four segments of users in each city; private car owner (high end and low end) company fleet managers, and taxi drivers. The staff of JCR then went to visit different competitors and compile a helpful competitor analysis."
Sophie Liu, Marketing Manager, Shell China
"We where able to utilize a system to produce a multi segment report on the PP1000 automobiles manufactured. Hamish from JCR has been working in the automotive market research industry for years. He had the technical information to understand our needs and provide us with the right results. It was a relief for us to work with a company that had a quality analysis system that was similar to ones we'd used before but with some new advanced features."
Fu Pei Qiang, After Sales Director, Landwind Automotive
"We worked closely with JCR to analyze the market entry strategies involved with launching our line of Global Positioning System's in China. They initially developed seven market segments based on potential usage; oil distribution, cargo, taxi, ambulance, prisoner transport, and police services. From these segments we developed an analysis of market size, market potential, and usage in several cities across China. While conducting this intensive market entry study JCR provided valuable links with top industry and government officials in China. Through their connections with government officials we were able to easily find the right information to make our decision on the China market. Understanding the market through the eyes of industry officials we had a powerful perspective on the B2B possibilities of the market. Overall working with JCR provided us with the right information to make the right decision; exactly what we needed."
Dr. Guo Mao Ying, Manager, China Operations, KY
"Finding the right research team in China for our highly technical medical research was a difficult task, but JCR took the time to understand our research requirements. JCR industry and had an excellently trained recruiting and moderator team. Our research required 1 on 1 and focus groups with engineers currently employed in the medical field. We entrusted JCR to understand the differences in each market and train the moderators accordingly."
Ken Rao, Marketing Manager, Agilent
"JCR worked with our team of researchers in recruiting qualified automotive focus group respondents. Their bilingual staff worked well with our team to coordinate locations, set up high quality recording, and assist in data analysis. They provided us with high quality data analysis and respondent information that provided new insight into our potential consumers in the Chinese automotive markets."
Thomas Tan, Senior Manager, J.D. Power Asia Pacific
"This was a hand on project traveling throughout Sichuan and many cities to find the unauthorized DVD sellers and arrange interviews. JCR's simultaneous translators act as a liaison with our American team to make these in-depth interviews worthwhile. Great thanks to Hamish for making this happen."
Luke Xiang, China Business Director, 20th Century Fox International
"We assigned JCR to investigate industry solutions by analyzing existing paint formulas of various small paints and coating companies. They provided us with international advanced ethnographic observations and identified the needs of the engineers in our coating company. They were on time with clear research videos, audio, and translations from Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hubei, and Shanxi."
Eric Zhang, Marketing Manager, Dow Conning China
"JCR helped us to understand our brand image in China. JCR provided valuable insight into how our product was being used in new and innovative ways. The information JCR was able to attain allowed us to position the Sony Ericsson brand differently for the preferences and unique uses of the Chinese consumer."
Henry Wang, Marketing Manager, Sony Ericsson China
"I would like to thank JCR for their exemplary work and help with organizing this research for us. We really appreciate what you have done for us on this project. Both my company and my client were extremely pleased with the group in Guangzhou and the feedback we got from everyone was that JCR provided great quality and insight into the subject. On a personal note, I just wanted to say I enjoyed every aspect of our cooperation and even though this was a relatively small project, I felt as if you treated this as a 10 million dollar one. Thanks once again JCR!"
Andrzej Maciejczyk, Project Manager, Frost & Sullivan