Mystery Shopping Company in China
Who We are
JCR is a leading company its field of expertise, advocating the Mystery Shopping conceptual framework that substantially contributes to the development of the Mystery Shopping Providers association (MSPA). Being the premier member of MSPA, JCR has successfully introduced the Mystery Shopping program into China, transforming the concept into practice and helping many national and international firms realise their prospective goals.
With over a decade of experience in Mystery Shopping Research, JCR has performed mystery shopping checks for many of the world’s best known brands and Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized global businesses. By introducing the latest analysis tools and utilising professional mystery shopping resources integrated within our advanced Online Mystery Shopping Panel, JCR is at the cutting edge of modern mystery shopping evaluation. These strengths enable us to provide accurate and informative reports to our clients. Our customer-oriented service philosophy has earned us valued credibility from our longstanding clientele.
Why We're Different
JCR provides performance evaluation that drives improvements and enables our client-partners to achieve remarkable returns from their mystery shopping investment. JCR’s internal strengths combined with its powerful mystery shopping platform ensure the delivery of high-quality, timely, and accurate results.
Mystery Shopping Online Solution Panel
Through a wide range of integrated products and services, JCR is dedicated to offering a holistic view of your customer’s on-site experiences. Combined with valuable insights and total quality management solutions, we ensure both quantitative and qualitative improvements in customer loyalty and sales. Where other companies provide only a unilateral view of the customer experience, JCR is your best resource for obtaining comprehensive value-added insights through multiple data streams and real-time implementation. From the initial project setup to the final analytical reports delivery, JCR promotes a paper-free Mystery Shopping Online Solution Panel. This provides the most professional and effective service for clients. We customise each client’s evaluation criteria to meet the goals and expectations of their customer base. We then communicate results in an unbiased, comprehensive, and timely fashion.